The Kaiju Transmissions Podcast

100 Shot, 100 Killed: Tribute to Akira Takarada

April 3, 2022

Matt, Byrd and Tom pay tribute to the prolific actor Akira Takarada, who passed away recently at the age of 87.  We discuss Takarada's vast career in acting, voiceover, and activism.  Our main topic is two spy spoofs Takarada starred in, 1965's Ironfinger (aka 100 Shot, 100 Killed), and 1967's Golden Eyes (aka Booted Babe, Busted Boss).  Directed by Jun Fukuda, these action comedies are stacked with many of the major Toho actors of the time and also have strong ties to the Godzilla franchise (especially Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster).  Both films are streaming on the Criterion Channel in the United States.  Are these underseen movies worth tracking down?  Listen and find out!  But first, we have a news roundup with our predictions on possible upcoming Godzilla and King Kong movies.

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